Terms & Condition

Welcome to the www.thegetbackers.com

The terms & conditions set forth below govern the use of services offered by PT. GENGGAM ESOK BERSAMA related to the use of www.thegetbackers.com. Users are advised to read carefully as they may impact on the Rights and Obligations of the User under the law.

By registering and/or using the www.thegetbackers.com website, the user is deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all content in the Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions constitute a form of agreement set forth in a valid agreement between the User and PT. GENGGAM ESOK BERSAMA. If the user does not agree to any, part, or all of the contents of the Terms & Conditions, then the user is not allowed to use the services www.thegetbackers.com



  1. PT. GENGGAM ESOK BERSAMA is a limited liability company that runs www.thegetbackers.com web portal services business, the first collaboration site in Indonesia that accommodates various creative projects.

  2. Get Backers site is www.thegetbackers.com

  3. Terms & Conditions is an agreement between User and Get Backers which contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities of users and Get Backers, as well as procedures for the use of the Get Backers service system.

  4. Users are parties who use the Get Backers service, including but not limited to backers, campaign owners or other parties who simply visit the Get Backers Site.

  5. Backers are registered Users who fund campaigns carried out by campaign owners on the Get Backers Website.

  6. Campaign owners are registered Users who perform creative project socialization actions to be funded by backers.

  7. Campaign is can be in the form of tangible objects / physical goods that can be delivered / meet the criteria of delivery by the delivery service company Goods.


Accounts, Balance Get Backers, Password and Security

  1. The User here states that the user is a capable person and is able to bind himself/herself in a legally valid agreement.

  2. Get Backers does not charge users a registration fee.

  3. Users who have signed up have the right to act as:

    • Campaign owner, as the creator of the Campaign.

    • Backers, as campaign owners.

  4. Users who will act as Campaign owners, Users have the right to make arrangements for campaigns to be socialized in the User's personal storefront.

  5. Get Backers without prior notice to the User, has the authority to take necessary action for any alleged violation or violation of the Terms & Conditions and/or applicable law, namely actions in the form of campaign deletion, Campaign moderation, campaign closure, listing cancellation, account suspension, and/or deletion of user accounts.

  6. Get Backers has the authority to close user accounts both temporarily and permanently if there is any fraudulent act in conducting transactions and/or violations of the Terms and Conditions of Get Backers.

  7. Users are prohibited from creating and/or using other devices, software, features and/or tools aimed at manipulating the Get Backers system, including but not limited to: (i) manipulation of profile data; (ii) crawling/scraping; (iii) automation activities in transactions, trades, promotions, etc.; (v) addition of products to the storefront; and/or (vi) other activities that can reasonably be assessed as acts of system manipulation.

  8. Get Backers has the authority to adjust the number of campaign transactions, adjust the number of reputations, and/or perform the process of moderation / closing user accounts, if it is known or suspected of fraud by users aimed at manipulating User transaction data in order to improve the reputation of the Campaign owner (review and or number of transactions). An example is to process Backed to Campaign yourself by using a personal account or other personal account.

  9. Get Backers has the authority to freeze the balance of Get Backers Users if it is found / suspected of fraud in transacting and / or violation of the terms and conditions of Get Backers.

  10. Campaign owners are prohibited from duplicating projects, duplicating rewards, or other actions that can be indicated as unhealthy competition efforts.

  11. Users do not have the right to change the username, campaign name and domain of the user's campaign.

  12. The User is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password for all activities that occur in the User's account.

  13. Get Backers will not ask for email, username, password or sms code verification or OTP code belonging to the User's account for any reason, therefore Get Backers urges Users not to provide such data or other important data to parties on behalf of Get Backers or other parties that cannot be guaranteed security.

  14. The User agrees to ensure that the User leaves the account at the end of each session and notify Get Backers if there is any unauthorized use of the User's password or account.

  15. The User here i.e. maintains that Get Backers is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the misuse of the User's account.

  16. The User understands and agrees that to use the one time password (OTP) security facility, the relevant telecommunication service provider may at any time charge the User with a nominal value of Rp 500 plus 10% tax for Indosat, Tri, XL, Smartfren, and Esia; (ii) Rp 200 plus 10% tax for Telkomsel.


Funding Transactions

  1. Backers are required to transact through the transaction procedure set by Get Backers. Backers make payments using the payment method previously chosen by Backers, and then Get Backers will forward the funds to the Campaign owner when the trading transaction stage on the Get Backers system has been completed.

  2. When funding, Backers agrees that:

    • Backers is responsible for reading, understanding and agreeing to the project's overall information/description (including but not limited to color, quality, functionality and more) before making a commitment to funding.

    • Backers recognize that the actual color of the product as seen on the Get Backers site depends on the Backers computer monitor. Get Backers has made its best efforts to ensure the colors in the photos displayed on the Get Backers Site appear as accurate as possible, but cannot guarantee that the appearance of colors on the Get Backers Site will be accurate.

    • The user enters into a legally binding contract to fund a project.

    • Get Backers does not legally transfer ownership of goods from Campaign owners to Backers.

  3. Backers understand and agree that the availability of Reward stock is the responsibility of the Campaign owner who offers the Reward. Regarding the availability of Reward stock may change at any time, so in the event that the Reward stock is empty, the Campaign owner will reject the order, and the payment for the goods in question is returned to the Backers.

  4. Backers fully understands and agrees that any transactions made between Backers and Campaign owners other than through the Get Backers Official Account and/or without the knowledge of Get Backers (through personal facilities/networks, messaging, special transaction arrangements outside the Get Backers website or other efforts) are the personal responsibility of Backers.

  5. Get Backers has full authority to refuse payments without prior notice.

  6. Payment by Backers must be made immediately (no later than 1 hour) after backers check-out. If within that time limit payment or confirmation of payment has not been made by Backers, Get Backers has the authority to cancel the transaction in question. The User has no right to make a claim or claim for the cancellation of the transaction.

  7. Confirmation of payment with cash deposit must be accompanied by news on the deposit slip in the form of invoice number and name. Confirmation of payment with cash deposit without information will not be processed by Get Backers.

  8. Backers agrees not to disclose or submit proof of payment to parties other than Get Backers. In the event of loss due to notification or submission of proof of payment by Backers to other parties, it shall be the responsibility of Backers.

  9. Backers are required to confirm receipt of goods, after receiving Rewards shipments. Backers give a deadline of 2 (two) days after delivery is "sent" on the Get Backers system, for Backers to confirm the receipt of rewards. If within that time limit there is no confirmation or claim from backers, then the Backers agree to the automatic confirmation of receipt of the Goods by the Get Backers system.

  10. After the confirmation of receipt of the Goods or confirmation of automatic receipt of the Goods, then the funds of the Backers sent to the Official Account of Get Backers will be further sent to the Campaign owner (the transaction is considered completed).

  11. Backers understand and agree that any claim submitted after the automatic confirmation of receipt of goods is not the responsibility of Get Backers. Losses arising after the automatic confirmation/confirmation of receipt of goods are the responsibility of Backers personally.

  12. Backers understand and agree that any reward delivery issues caused by late payments are the responsibility of Backers.

  13. Backers understand and agree that the issue of late payment processing and additional fees caused by the difference that Backers bank uses with the official Bank Account Get Backers is the responsibility of Backers personally.

  14. Refunds from Get Backers to Backers can only be made in the following circumstances:

    • Overpayment of Backers for reward price,

    • The issue of sending goods has been clearly identified from the Campaign owner which resulted in the reward goods not arriving,

    • The Campaign owner has agreed to send the Reward, but after the specified time limit it turns out that the Campaign owner does not send the Reward until the specified time limit.

    • Resolution resolution through the Resolution Center in the form of a decision to refund backers or the results of decisions from the Get Backers.

  15. In the event of a refund process, the refund will be made through the User's Get Backers Balance which will increase in accordance with the refund amount. If the User uses the credit card payment method option, the refund will refer to the provisions of section N related to Credit Card.

  16. Get Backers is authorized to make decisions on unresolved transaction issues due to the absence of a settlement agreement, both between Campaign owners and Backers, by looking at the evidence. The Get Backers decision is an inviolable final decision and binds campaign owners and backers to comply.

  17. If Backers choose to use a bank transfer payment method, the total payment will be added a unique code to facilitate the verification process. In the event that the payment has been verified then the unique code will be returned to the Backers Balance on the Get Backers website.

  18. Get Backers has the authority to change the delivery status to "Has been received" if there is no update of the status "Has been received from Backers " after 3 days since the receipt was inputted by the Campaign owner and there is no further confirmation from the Backers regarding the Reward. Then within 3 days from the change of status mentioned above, Get Backers provides an opportunity for backers to do (i) confirmation of receipt of goods or (ii) Complaints. If within 3 days there is no confirmation of receipt of Reward or any complaint from Backers, then Get Backers has the authority to complete the transaction and forward the funds to the Campaign owner concerned who is deemed to have performed his obligation to send the goods and inform the delivery receipt number. This order status adjustment will only be made if the destination address of the delivery stated on the order invoice and courier receipt is appropriate.


Campaign Funding

  1. Campaign owners are prohibited from manipulating Project prices for any purpose.

  2. Campaign owners are prohibited from offering Rewards in the form of prohibited items in accordance with the provisions of the "Type of Goods".

  3. Campaign owners are obliged to provide photos and project information and rewards in a complete and clear way in accordance with the conditions and quality of the promised reward. If there is a discrepancy between the photo and the product information uploaded by the Campaign owner and the product received by Backers, then Get Backers reserves the right to cancel/withhold the transaction funds.

  4. In using the "Campaign Title" Facility, "Campaign Photo", and "Campaign Description", Campaign owners are prohibited from making standard clauses that do not comply with applicable laws and regulations in Indonesia, including but not limited to (i) not receiving complaints, (ii) not receiving returns (exchange of goods), (iii) not receiving refunds, (iv) unspecified goods, (v) transfer of responsibility (including not limited to postage insurers), (vi) depreciation of price value and (vii) unilateral delivery of random rewards. If there is a conflict between the Campaign owner's record and/or product description with the Get Backers Terms & Conditions, then the applicable rules are the Get Backers Terms & Conditions.

  5. Campaign owners are required to enter a Reward delivery receipt number within 4 days (excluding Saturday/Sunday/Public holidays) from the notification of Project funding from Get Backers. If within that time limit the Campaign owner does not enter the reward delivery receipt number then automatically the funding is considered cancelled. If the Campaign owner continues to send Rewards after exceeding the delivery deadline as described above, then the Campaign owner understands that the transaction will still be cancelled for then the Campaign owner can make a reward withdrawal on the courier where the Goods are delivered.

  6. Campaign owners understand and agree that payments on Reward prices and postage (excluding transfer/administration fees) will be fully refunded to Backers if the transaction is cancelled and/or the transaction is unsuccessful.

  7. Get Backers has the authority to withhold payment of funds in the Official Account of Get Backers until an un specified time if there are problems and claims from backers related to the delivery process and reward quality. The new payment will be sent to the Campaign owner when the issue has been resolved and/or the Reward has been received by Backers.

  8. Get Backers is authorized to cancel and/or withhold transaction funds in the event that: (i) The courier receipt number of the delivery of goods provided by the Campaign owner is not appropriate and/or allegedly in accordance with transactions occurring on the Get Backers Website; (ii) Campaign owners deliver goods through courier/logistics services other than those provided and connected to the Get Backers Website; (iii) Get Backers reserves the right to cancel/withhold transaction funds if the product name and product description are not in accordance with the product sent.

  9. Campaign owners understand and agree that The Campaign owner's Income Tax will be reported and self-managed by each Campaign owner in accordance with the applicable tax provisions in the laws and regulations in Indonesia.

  10. Get Backers is authorized to make decisions on unresolved transaction issues due to the absence of a settlement agreement, both between Campaign owners and Backers, by looking at the evidence. The Get Backers decision is an inviolable final decision and binds campaign owners and backers to comply.

  11. If agreed by Campaign owner and Backers, the use of Logistics services that differ from backers' initial choice can be made (provided that the shipping rate is below the initial shipping rate).

  12. Get Backers is authorized to deduct excess shipping rates from backers payment funds and refund the difference between excess shipping rates to Backers.


Campaign Setup

  1. Campaign owners are prohibited from using the Campaign (including and not limited to Project information and Reward information) as a medium to advertise or promote to other site pages outside the Get Backers website.

  2. Campaign owners are prohibited from providing personal contact data with a view to making transactions directly to Backers/Prospective Backers.

  3. Campaign owners are prohibited from providing information other than the Project and/or Reward information concerned.

  4. Project naming and Reward must be done in accordance with the detailed information, specifications, and conditions of the Reward, thus the User is not allowed to include names and/or words unrelated to the Reward.

  5. Reward naming and product information must be in accordance with the reward conditions displayed and users are not allowed to include names and information that does not comply with reward conditions.

  6. Campaign owners must separate each Reward that has a different color, size and price.

  7. Campaign owners are not allowed to trade services, or non-physical Goods.

  8. Get Backers has the authority to change the name and/or use of the Project name and/or domain of the User for the internal benefit of Get Backers.



  1. Campaign owners here you can agree that Get Backers applies a 6% commission system to every campaign deemed successful, from Backers; ;

  2. Campaign owners hereby approve of Get Backers imposing a 15% commission system on any campaign deemed successful, from sponsors;


Target Funding (Price)

  1. The Funding Target contained in the Get Backers website is the target set by campaign owners. Campaign owners are prohibited from manipulating funding targets in any way.

  2. Backers understand and agree that miss-description of funding targets and other information caused by the unmentioned pages of the Get Backers site is due to the browser/ISP used by Backers.

  3. Campaign owners understand and agree that typos that cause funding targets or other information to be incorrect are Campaign owner's responsibility. Keep in mind that in this case, in the event of an accidental mis-typing of the funding target, campaign owners have the right to reject the funding made by Backers.

  4. The User understands and agrees that any issues and/or disputes arising from disagreements between Campaign owners and Backers about funding targets are not the responsibility of Get Backers.

  5. By funding through Get Backers, the User agrees to pay the total amount to be paid as stated in the payment page, which consists of the amount of funding, postage, and other costs that may arise and will be expressly outlined in the payment page. The User agrees to make payments through a payment method that has been pre-selected by the User.

  6. Get Backers website currently only serves Project funding transactions in Rupiah.


Reward Shipping Rates

Backers understand and understand that Get Backers has done its best to accurately provide delivery rate information to Backers based on location, but Get Backers cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data with those at local branches.

Therefore Get Backers advises campaign owners to take note of the rates provided by Get Backers in advance, in order to be compared to the rates charged at local branches. If you notice any discrepancies, please inform us via the contact us menu by providing the price data obtained along with the city of origin and destination, so that we can browse further.

The User understands and agrees that the difference in the cost of delivering the Goods is beyond the responsibility of Get Backers, and therefore, it is the Campaign owner's sole policy to cancel or continue to deliver the Goods.

Reward Shipping Rates are borne by the Campaign owner as informed at the time of campaign creation.



  1. In using any features and/or services of Get Backers, Users are prohibited from uploading or using any words, comments, images, or content that contain elements of SARA, discrimination, demeaning or cornering others, vulgar, threatening, or other things that may be considered in accordance with social values and norms. Get Backers reserves the right to take necessary actions for violations of these terms, including content removal, store moderation, account blocking, and others.

  2. Users are prohibited from using photos/images that have watermarks that signify the ownership rights of others.

  3. The User here you here you understand and agree that the misuse of photos/images uploaded by the User is the responsibility of the User personally.

  4. Campaign owners are not allowed to use photos/images of goods or store logos as a medium to advertise or promote other sites outside the Get Backers Website, or provide personal contact data to make transactions directly to Backers / prospective Backers.

  5. When a User is uploaded to the Get Backers Site with content or posting content, the User gives Get Backers a non-exclusive, worldwide, ongoing, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensed (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademark, database rights and intellectual property rights that the User has in the content, in any media known now or in the future. Furthermore, to be fully permitted by applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to sue those rights against Get Backers.

  6. The User warrants that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights in uploading User content to the Get Backers site. Each User is hereerally responsible personally for infringement of intellectual property rights in uploading content on the Get Backers Site.

  7. Get Backers provides a "community page" feature to make it easier for Backer to interact with Campaign owners, regarding the Goods offered. Campaign owners are not allowed to use the feature for any purpose to raise the price of its Merchandise, including commenting first or commenting on the next / continuous periodically (flooding / spam).

  8. While we try to offer reliable information, we cannot promise that catalogs will always be accurate and up-to-date, and Users agree that Users will not ask Get Backers to take responsibility for inequality in catalogs. Catalogs may include copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.


Types of Goods

  1. All types of drugs and other substances are prohibited or restricted in circulation according to the provisions of applicable law, including but not limited to the provisions of the Narcotics Act, psychotropic law, and health law. Also included in this provision are hard drugs, medicines that require a doctor's prescription, anesthetics and the like, or drugs that do not have a circulation permit from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

  2. Cosmetics and beverage foods that endanger the safety of their users, or who do not have a circulation permit from the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).

  3. Materials classified as Hazardous Materials according to the applicable Regulation of the Minister of Trade.

  4. Certain types of Products that must have:

    • SNI;

    • Instructions for use in Bahasa Indonesia; Or

    • Labels in Bahasa Indonesia.

    • While the trade does not list these things.

    • Other goods whose ownership or circulation violates the provisions of the applicable law in Indonesia.

    • Media in the form of CD/DVD/VCD, or other recording media that is contrary to copyright law. These include those that contain pirated movies, music, games, or software.

    • Adult items supporting sexual activity include but are not limited to powerful drugs, stimulants, sex aids, pornography, and adult medicines, except for medical devices (contraceptives) that are permitted to be traded under applicable law.

    • Alcoholic beverages.

    • Ads.

    • Any form of writing that can negatively affect the use of this site.

    • Used underwear.

    • Firearms, sharp weapons, air rifles, and all sorts of weapons.

    • Government and travel documents.

    • Government uniforms.

    • Human organs.

    • Mailing lists and personal information.

    • Items that harass certain parties/races or may degrade the dignity of others.

    • Pesticides.

    • Police attributes.

    • The proceeds of theft.

    • Unlocker and any accessories supporting the act of robbery / theft.

    • Items that can and or can easily explode, ignite or burn themselves.

    • Printed goods / recordings whose contents can interfere with security & order and national stability.

    • Animals.

    • Cash

    • Seal.

    • Signal scramblers, signal removers, and/or other devices that may interfere with signals or telecommunication networks

    • Equipment and gambling equipment.

    • Amulets, objects that are claimed to be supernatural and give the science of magic.

    • Goods with Exclusive Distribution rights that can only be traded with the Campaign system directly by the official Campaign owner and/or Goods with a Multi-Level Marketing Campaign owner system.

    • Non-physical products that cannot be delivered via courier service, including but not limited to credit/voucher products (i) telephone, (ii) electricity, (iii) games, (iv) digital credit.

    • Train Tickets.

    • Official documents such as TOEFL Certificate, Diploma, Doctor's Letter, Receipt, and so on

    • Any other type of Goods that are contrary to the regulations on the delivery of Indonesian Goods.

    • Other goods that violate the applicable laws in Indonesia.


Credit Card

  1. Users can choose to use a choice of payment methods using credit cards for goods payment transactions through the Get Backers Website.

  2. Payment transactions using credit cards can be made for payment transactions with a minimum total spend value of IDR 50,000 (fifty thousand rupiah) and a maximum of unlimited.

  3. Payment transactions using credit cards must follow the terms and conditions set by Get Backers and use the courier/logistics provided and connected to the Get Backers Website.

  4. Users are prohibited from using credit card payment methods outside the designation as a means of payment.

  5. If there is a reward payment transaction using a credit card that violates the legal provisions and/or the terms and conditions of Get Backers, Get Backers is authorized to:

    • cancel the transaction;

    • withholding transaction funds for as long as necessary by Get Backers, the Bank, and related payment gateway partners to conduct the necessary investigations, at least 28 working days;

    • withholding funds by 50% (fifty percent) of the transaction value, and also withdrawing the value of subsidies in connection with the use of credit cards.

  6. Get Backers will terminate cooperation with Campaign owners who take actions that may harm principals, issuers, acquirers and /or credit card holders, including processing cash withdrawals.

  7. If the payment transaction is unsuccessful and/or cancelled, the bill for the transaction will be canceled and the transaction funds will be refunded to the Backer credit card limit on the next charge. The provisions of this paragraph do not apply to transactions of payment of goods using credit cards in violation of the provisions of the law and / or the terms and conditions of Get Backers.

  8. Credit cards that can be used to transact in Get Backers are only credit cards issued in Indonesia.

  9. Transactions using Credit Card payment method will incur an administration fee of 2.9% plus IDR 2,000 of the total amount payable. If the transaction is canceled or returned because the campaign project is deemed to have failed, then the administration fee is refunded to the User's credit card limit.



  1. Promo code obtained from a discount of Rp. 50,000 is valid for 30 calendar days since the promo code was received.

  2. Promo code can only be used for backing, so it cannot be cashed and cannot be transferred to a personal account.

  3. Get Backers reserves the right, without prior notice, to take necessary measures in the event of any manipulation/fraud, such as closing an account, withdrawing subsidies, cancelling transactions, withholding funds, lowering the store's reputation, as well as other matters including but not limited to the revocation of Top Points in the event of a violation or utilization of the promo for the personal benefit of the User.

  4. If there is a promo transaction that uses a credit card payment method that violates the Terms and Conditions of Get Backers, it will refer to Point K related to Credit Card.

  5. If (i) Campaign owner rejects Backer order, (ii) transaction is cancelled automatically by Get Backers system, and/or (iii) transaction enters Resolution Center, then the voucher code /promo code that has been used will be forfeited and/or cannot be reused on the same day.


Delivery of Goods

  1. Delivery of Goods in the Get Backers system is obliged to use the services of expedition companies that have been determined by the Campaign owner with the approval of get backers.

  2. Campaign owners are prohibited from imposing a postage free campaign/system on any Rewards within the Get Backers Site.

  3. Any provision relating to the delivery process of the Goods is the sole authority of the delivery service provider of the Goods.

  4. Campaign owners are obliged to comply with the provisions stipulated by the delivery service of such goods and be responsible for any Goods delivered.

  5. The User understands and agrees that any problems that occur during the delivery process of goods by delivery service providers of Goods are the responsibility of the delivery service provider.

  6. In the case that it is necessary to do the process of returning goods, the User, both Campaign owner and Backer, is required to send the goods directly to each Backer or Campaign owner. Get Backers does not accept returns or delivery of goods for transactions made by Users under any circumstances.


Campaign owner Withdraw

  1. Withdrawal of funds can be done if the campaign succeeds 100% ( one hundred percent) for the Fix Campaign.

  2. Withdrawals can be made without a minimum of funds for the Flexible campaign.

  3. Campaign owners must request a withdrawal on the Get Backers.com website. If the Campaign owner does not request withdrawal no later than 7 x 24 hours, then all campaign funds obtained will be refunded to the wallet backer.

  4. After the Campaign owner requests withdrawal, the Get Backers team will contact the Campaign owner to make a

  5. The withdrawal will be done in stages in accordance with the road map agreed by the backer and the Get backers team (after the commission cut),and the Get Backers.com team will contact the Campaign owner to sign the agreement at Get Backers headquarters.

  6. Withdrawal of funds from fellow banks will be processed no later than 4x24 hours working days.

  7. For withdrawal of funds with the aim of account number outside the bank BCA, Mandiri, BRI, Bank Permata, and BNI if there is an additional fee charged will be dependent from the User.

  8. In the event that there is an alleged violation of the Get Backers Terms and Conditions, fraud, manipulation or criminality, the User understands and agrees that Get Backers has the right to perform checks, freezes, delays and/or cancellations of withdrawals made by the User.

  9. Examination, freezing or delay of withdrawal as referred to in point 3 can be done within the period of time required by Get Backers.


Backer Refund

  1. The failed campaign refund will be immediately returned to Backer according to their respective payment methods.

  2. Refund funds can be reused for backing on other campaigns.

  3. Refund funds that go to the wallet are deducted from the transaction fee.

  4. For refunds of GoPay and Alfamart transactions, will still follow points 1-4.


Resolution Center

  1. Resolution Center is a feature provided by Get Backers to facilitate the resolution of transaction problems between Backer and Campaign owner.

  2. This feature will automatically withhold funds for payment of goods to the Campaign owner until the issue reported to the Resolution Center is resolved.

  3. In using this feature, Backer and Campaign owner are expected to provide evidence of buying and selling transactions in the form of photos of goods, receipts, receipt slips and other supporting evidence that can be the basis for the correction of each argument issued by each party.

  4. Problem solving through the Resolution Center can be a solution generated based on a mutual agreement between Backer and Campaign owner.

  5. If the Campaign owner does not provide an answer after more than 3 days, then Backer has the right to contact the Get Backers party, i.e. through the "Help" button that will appear on the Resolution Center page.

  6. If a mutual agreement is not found within 3 days, Then Backer and Campaign owner have the same right to ask Get Backers for help, i.e. through the "Help" button that will appear on the Resolution Center page.

  7. By using the help button to contact Get Backers, Backer and Campaign owner understand and agree that, Get Backers is authorized to make decisions on the issue by looking at the existing evidence and/or new evidence that must be completed by each party.

  8. Get Backers is authorized to mediate and/or make decisions to resolve problems in the Resolution Center discussion, although either party (Campaign owner or Backer) has not pressed the help button, in the event of: (i) The existence of information from third parties related to the course of the transaction, namely, among others, delivery couriers who provide information related to the current status of package delivery receipts; (ii) Evidence from Backers and/or Campaign owners sent through other lines of communication (Get Backers emails, User Services, and others) that needs to be forwarded to the Resolution Center on the basis of issue transparency; (iii) Reports from either party due to Campaign owner or Backer's negligence; (iv) Either party (Campaign owner or Backer) is indicated to have committed fraud; or (v) Certain conditions that cause Get Backers to mediate immediately.

  9. Under get backers' first decision, both Backer and Campaign owner have the right to appeal, with the requirement that the appealing party must submit new evidence outside of the previous evidence.

  10. Backer and Campaign owner heresy agree that the Get Backers Decision on appeal is the final decision that cannot be contested and binds the Campaign owner and Backer to comply.

  11. Users understand that the Resolution Center does not apply to used underwear products, constraints relating to the taste, aroma and/or texture of the product, and all products in the list of types of items prohibited from being traded on Get Backers as found on the Terms and Conditions page.

  12. Backer and Campaign owner understand and agree that in resolving the constraints at the Resolution Center, Backer and Campaign owner are obliged to respond to existing constraints until completion by complying with the terms and deadlines as determined by Get Backers in the relevant discussions.

  13. Backer understands and agrees that after an agreement to deliver the Goods back to the Campaign owner, if within 3 working days (excluding public holidays, Saturdays and Sundays) as of the campaign's address, it is found that there is no return of goods from Backer, then Get Backers is authorized to make decisions based on the development of existing discussions and evidence.

  14. Backer and Campaign owner understand and agree that the deadline for providing evidence (including if required return address) is 3 days from the time Get Backers make a request for proof to Backer or Campaign owner for the relevant transaction.

  15. The procedures for using the full Resolution Center can be found on the Resolution Center Help Page.


Other Terms

  1. Anything that has not been and/or is not regulated in the specific terms and conditions of the feature will fully refer to the Terms and Conditions of Get Backers in general.


Disclaimer of Warranties And Limitations of Liability

Get Backers is a crowdfunding site based on the first prize in Indonesia. Any idea related to tangible or intangible products can be realized in Get Backers. Get Backers helps creative products that seek support, both morally and financially, by connecting them directly with potential users of the product. Thus the transaction that occurs is a transaction between members Get Backers, so that the User understands that the limitation of responsibility get backers proportionally is as a web portal service provider

Get Backers always strives to keep the Get Backers Service safe, convenient, and functioning properly, but we cannot guarantee continuous operation or access to our Services can always be perfect. The information and data on the Get Backers site is unlikely to occur in real time.

The User agrees that you are utilizing the Get Backers Service at The User's own risk, and the Get Backers Service is provided to you on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Get Backers (including its Parent Company, directors and employees) shall be liable, and you agree not to claim Get Backers liable, for any damages or losses (including but not limited to loss of money, reputation, profits, or other intangible losses) resulting directly or indirectly from:

  • User's use or inability to use the Get Backers Service.

  • Prices, Shipping or other instructions are available in the Get Backers service.

  • Delays or interruptions in the Get Backers Service.

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